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ETHOS AFP™ offers extensive functionality across all areas of the platform, delivering an array of benefits and efficiencies to our clients’ front, middle and back offices.

 Trade Execution

Optimum efficiency – minimal data entry is required. Auto-complete, drop down selection boxes and extensive input efficiencies are available throughout the platform enabling transactions to be input in a matter of seconds.

Customisable, dashboard driven views – ensure that all data and workflow functions are personalised and centralised, making the platform intuitive to all users.

Real time information – a full suite of supporting trade documents, including offers, notices of sale, confirmations, documents of title and title transfer are immediately available to the client at the appropriate stage of the transaction, both on screen through the document store or by download to the approved users’ desktop.

Post Trade Services

Document store – all documentation originated by the platform is stored indefinitely and is immediately available to authorised users at any time.

Paperless environment – for environmental considerations, the platform eliminates the previously paper intensive nature of the Sharia’a compliant transactional environment.

Financial Control

Enhanced reporting functionality – allows users access to both a full suite of pre-defined transactional reports and to create their own reports through the use of a sophisticated data filtering tool. A range of downloaded formats are available to users for their convenience and reports can be constructed with reference to clients’ own financial control requirements.

Internal and Sharia’a audit requirement – historic transactional documentation stored on behalf of the client offers immediate access to pre-approved users to satisfy internal audit and Sharia’a audit requirements.


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DD&Co is a Category V Associate Trade Member of the London Metal Exchange

DD&Co is an Affiliate Member of the London Platinum and Palladium Market

DD&Co is an Affiliate Member of the London Platinum and Palladium Market


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